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04 March 2018

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London Building & Handyman Service - Replacing Sash Cords

Professional Sash Cord Repair Service

One of the jobs we’ve done hundred of times before is replacing sash cords / spiral balances in wooden windows. We’ll bring all the necessary tools, fixings and sash cord needed to repair your broken sash.

If you would like to discuss your sash window repair or get an estimate of cost, please call 02071830893 or send an email

We offer fixed price service:

Replace one inner sash window cord - £80

Replace one outer sash window cord - £100
Replace both inner sash window cords - £100
Replace both outer sash window cords - £120

(these prices include parts)

What is involved?

In order to replace the sash cord, the sash window is removed from the frame and the weight compartment is opened. Unfortunately that might involve damaging the paint and filler around window frame. A new cord is than attached to the sash, fed over the pulley and secured to the weight. The sash window is then reinstated and filler is applied to make it looks good.

Painting is not included in the price, but we can re-paint your sash window if you want.

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