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04 March 2018

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London Handyman Service - What Jobs We Do? - Hanging Pictures and Mirrors

Professional Pictures, Mirrors, Paintings, Clocks (and whatever you want) Hanging

It’s one of these small jobs that could take forever to do without right tools,but we would be happy to do for you and it won’t take us too long.

The items would be hung up securely, straight, and safe using appropriate fixings depending on weight of item and type of wall.

How Long Can it Take?

Most of the time of installation is taken by preparation i.e. Measuring and calculating to ensure items are hung straight and are equally spaced.

So the time mainly depends on how many items you want to hung and how do you want them to be arranged.

So if you have anything to be put up - call 02071830893  or send email to discuss or arrange appointment.