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04 March 2018

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London Handyman Service - Dripping Taps

Fix-It-Quick - Professional Taps Fixing

Everyone know how annoying it can be when your tap / shower is

dripping or leaks.

Fortunately this is something we can very effectively and with

minimal cost for you eliminate.

What would happen?

First we need to establish what kind of cartridge you have in your tap.

Is it single lever or if there are 2 knobs?

If knobs are turning more than 180° you probably have “regular” tap and

changing washer, lubricating and re-setting would be enough.

If the knobs are turning more than 180° or if it’s the single lever tap we would need to order replacement from our supplier. In that case we would need 2 visits - one to check what kind of cartridge is needed and than the second one to fit it.

In some cases it’s possible to purchase cartridge in local store - and in that case you only pay for one visit.

How much would it cost?

In case of “regular” tap - the job can take from 15 minutes up to ½ hr per cartridge plus cost of washer (about £2 each)

If ceramic cartridges or “single lever ones” are needed than 1st visit is ½ - 1 hr, and than second visit last approx. ½ hr.

There is cost of cartridge on top and it can be from £20 to £60 for each.

So call us now: 02071830893   or email us to discuss your problem